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Cherokee Country Club in CENTRE, Alabama in 35960

35960 (Click on a Hole to View Flyover of the Hole or View Hole Maps or View Scorecard or View Nearby Courses or View Gradebook or Wireframe Hubspoke)
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GolfTraxx has received no course or hole flyover information for this course and we are completely bewildered how or why Google chooses to include courses in its search results where we have NO data...yet excludes ENTIRELY from its search results the thousands of courses where we DO have information.

The purpose of a search engine is to search through webpages and find relevant results. There is NO link on the golftraxx website to this page. This is a logically possible page, meaning that once we DO have data, links are shown, but until then, NO LINK EXISTS (except, of course, links created to waste your time). Returning INACCURATE results and EXCLUDING good results wastes your time and is a breach of the trust the corporation has been given.

C'mon Google, create links for the courses we DO have content where links actually EXIST on our site. CLEARLY, your crawler sees those pages as well, because they're all generated from the same dynamic page on our site. It seems rather PREDATORY to us for you to create ***fake*** page links as it tends to suggest our site does NOT have relevant data, but you can make you own decisions. Where we don't...OR where the data has been changed so it no longer matches data provided by the read the press releases about whose corporate fingerprints were left all over that crime scene.

Here are other NO DATA course links we have found recently created by Google:

Ruby Hill
Claremont Country Club
All indexed by Google THIS means none of those with content ARE indexed

The list of hole-by-hole flyover courses we ACTUALLY have can be found HERE

GolfTraxx makes no claim of ownership to the flyover videos presented here. These are all YouTube & Vimeo embedded videos, none of which exist of the GolfTraxx website. The narration added by GolfTraxx to some flyovers is NOT embedded in the video, but rather played simultaneously. GolfTraxx can add narration for your course flyovers and/or supply content pages for your site. The feedback we have received is that the narration makes the silent videos more fun to watch and interesting.