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 Birmingham Country Club - West Course Hole# 1 Par 4 YDG 355 HCP: 11
Hole# 1  Par: 4/4 Hcp: 11/11Pro 378Champ   378Mens   355Womens   325
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Hole Name
From The Tee
From the Fairway
On The Green
The opening doesn’t require a monumental drive; rather, success depends on accuracy into the rolling green, illustrative that a deft short game is essential on the West. The modest length shouldn’t be confused with No. 1 being an easy start.
It appears kind of benign for a first hole, but you have to hit a good tee shot. You’ll be left with a short iron or wedge over our own Swilcan Burn, which is tough at the first. We always talk about the fact that if this were the 12th or 13th hole on the West it would seem easy, but that’s not really the case at the beginning of the round.