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  Press Releases 2019

    09/23/2019 California AG opens inquiry investigation into companies named in report
   09/20/2019 GolfTraxx Files Complaint Against Google with FBI, California AG, and ICE (updated 10/8/2019)
   07/29/2019 GolfTraxx Operations Report
   07/10/2019 GolfTraxx Announces Reciprocal Link Program for Golf Courses
   07/10/2019 GolfTraxx Founder Takes a Look Back

  Press Releases 2010

   07/01/2010 GolfTraxx Launches Google ANDROID beta version!
   07/01/2010 GolfTraxx Annouces Countywide Course Search in ALL platforms starting with ANDROID!
   05/15/2010 GolfTraxx Launches Google Earth Mapping On Website- Over 500 courses added the first 4 weeks!
   05/10/2010 GolfTraxx Offers Dynamic Google Earth Map Generation for FREE

  Press Releases 2009

   01/22/2009 GolfTraxx Integrates Google Maps Into Website
   01/09/2009 GolfTraxx Announces Support for Blackberry STORM and BOLD

  Press Releases 2008

   10/05/2008 GolfTraxx Announces Availability of Apple iPhone version in iTunes Store
   09/05/2008 GolfTraxx Announces Availability of Apple iPhone version
   01/09/2008 GolfTraxx Announces Support for Blackberry 8800, 8820, 8830, Curve, Pearl

  Press Releases 2007

   NOV/DEC 2007 GolfTraxx Featured in CLUB CORP Magazine
   09/27/2007 Visit GolfTraxx At The Northern CA Golf Show
   08/12/2007 GolfTraxx Announces Automatic (Click-Free) Distances and One-Click Per Shot
   07/13/2007 GolfTraxx Launches 3rd Free Gear or Vacation Incentives (your choice)
   07/13/2007 GolfTraxx Announces Desert-Escapes.com partnership
   05/16/2007 GolfTraxx Crosses The Ponds and Goes Global
   05/13/2007 GolfTraxx Launches 2nd Free Gear Program
   05/07/2007 Amazon Customer Review
   03/12/2007 GolfTraxx Statistics Database
   03/03/2007 GolfTraxx Selects Your Club
   01/21/2007 PGA,LPGA,& Champions Tours

  Press Releases 2006

   12/08/2006 Windows Mobile 5 Support
   12/08/2006 FREE Trial Version
   11/30/2006 Garmin Ique M3-M5 & GPS10
   09/20/2006 Unlimited landmarks/hole
   07/12/2006 Google Earth Integration
   06/20/2006 FREE national database
   04/14/2006 GolfTraxx Offical Launch
  04/14/2006 Voice-It Integration
   0/10/2006 GolfTraxx Announces PDAzip.com partnership
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