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Available Courses:

CourseNameAddressCitySTZip CodePhoneScoreCardBasic GPSExtras
Akureyri Golf ClubJaoar, 600 Akureyri,IcelandICICELAND+354 462 3846 YesYesNo 
Akureyri Golf CourseJaðarAkureyriIC600IC+354 462 2974YesYesNo 
Borgarnes Golf CourseHamarBorgarnesIC310IC+354 437 1663YesYesNo 
Glanni Golf CourseNordurardalurBorgarnesIC310IC+354 899 2694YesYesNo 
Hornafjördur Golf CourseDalbrautHornafjordurIC780IC+354 478 2197YesYesNo 
Husavik Golf CourseP. box 23HusavikIC640IC+354 464 1000YesYesNo 
Jaoarsvollur Golf ClubJaoar, 600 Akureyri,IcelandICICELAND+354 462 3846 YesYesNo 
Keilir Golf CourseSteinholt 1Hafnafj?r?urIC220IC+354 565 3360YesYesNo 
Kidjaberg Golf CourseKiðjabergSelfossIC801IC+354 486 4495YesYesNo 
Kjolur Golf CourseP. box 173MosfellsbaerIC270IC+354 566 7415YesYesNo 
Leynir Golf Club, AkranesGrímsholtArkanesIC300IC+354 585 0200YesYesNo 
Nes Golf CourseSudurnesSeltjarnarnesIC170IC+354 561 1930YesYesNo 
Oddur Golf CourseUrridavollurGardabaerIC210IC+354 565 9092YesYesNo 
Olafsfjördur Golf CourseSkeggjabrekkaOlafsfordurIC625IC+354 466 2611YesYesNo 
Reykjavík Golf Club, GrafarholtGrafarholtReykjav?kIC110IC+354 585 0210YesYesNo 
Reykjavík Golf Club, KorpaGrafarholtReykjav?kIC110IC+354 585 0210YesYesNo 
Saudarkrokur Golf CourseP. box 56SaudarkrokurIC550IC+354 453 5075YesYesNo 
Setberg Golf CourseFagraberg 30Hafnarfj?r?urIC221IC+354 565 5690YesYesNo 
Sudurnes Golf CourseP. box 112KeflavikIC232IC+354 421 4103YesYesNo 
Thorlakshofn Golf CourseP. box 41ThorlakshofnIC815IC+354 483 3009YesYesNo 
Uthlid Golf CourseUthlid, BsikupstungumSelfossIC801IC+354 486 8770YesYesNo 
Bildudalur Golf CourseHoliB?ldudalurIC465IC+354 456 2569NoYesNo 
Alftanes Golf CourseHaukshusAlftanesIC225IC+354 856 3702NoNoNo 
Asatun Golf CourseAsatunFludirIC845IC+354 486 6601NoNoNo 
Bakkakot Golf CourseP. box 4072Reykjav?kIC108IC+354 566 8480NoNoNo 
Bolungarvik Golf CourseSydridalsvollurBolungarvikIC415IC+354 456 7072NoNoNo 
Dalbui Golf CourseLaekjargata 28HafnarfjordurIC220IC+354 893 0200NoNoNo 
Djupavogur Golf CourseBorgarland 3Dj?pivogurIC765IC+354 478 8830NoNoNo 
Eskifjordur Golf CourseByggdarholtEskifjordurIC735IC+354 476 1410NoNoNo 
Fljotsdalshérad Golf CourseEkkjufellFellabaeIC700IC+354 471 1113NoNoNo 
Fludir Golf CourseEfra SelFl??irIC845IC+354 486 6454NoNoNo 
Geysir Golf CourseGeysirSelfossIC801IC+354 486 8733NoNoNo 
GKG Golf Club, LeirdalurVífilsstaðavegiGar?ab?rIC210IC+354 565 7373NoNoNo 
GKG Golf Club, MýrinVífilsstaðavegiGar?ab?rIC210IC+354 565 7373NoNoNo 
Glama Golf CourseMedaldalurThingeyriIC470IC+354 869 2879NoNoNo 
Gljufri Golf CourseEkrugötu 6KopaskerIC670IC+354 892 2145NoNoNo 
Grindavik Golf CourseP. box 4GrindavikIC240IC+354 426 8720NoNoNo 
Hamar Golf CourseSvarfadardalDalvikurbyggdIC620IC+354 466 1204NoNoNo 
Hella Golf CourseStröndHellaIC851IC+354 487 8208NoNoNo 
Holmavik Golf CourseAusturtun 14HolmavikIC510IC+354 892 4687NoNoNo 
Husafell Golf CourseHusafellBorgarnesIC310IC+354 435 1552NoNoNo 
Hvammsvik Golf CourseHvammsvíkMosfellsbaerIC270IC+354 566 7023NoNoNo 
Hvammur Golf CourseGamla skolaGrenivikIC610IC+354 463 3174NoNoNo 
Hveragerdi Golf CourseP. box 137HveragerdiIC810IC+354 483 5090NoNoNo 
Isafjordur Golf CourseTungudalsvelliIsafirdiIC400IC+354 456 5081NoNoNo 
Jökull Golf CourseFrodaSnaefellsbaeIC335IC+354 436 1666NoNoNo 
Laki Golf CourseEfri-VikKirkjubaejarklausturIC880IC+354 487 4694NoNoNo 
LaugavöllurLaugar, Northeastern Region 650IcelandICICELANDNoNoNo 
Leifsstadir Golf CourseLeifsstadirAkureyriIC601IC+354 462 1610NoNoNo 
Lonkot Golf CourseHofsós, Northwestern Region 566IcelandICICELANDNoNoNo 
Mostri Golf CourseAdalgata 29StykkisholmiIC340IC+354 438 1075NoNoNo 
Myvatnssveit Golf CourseStekkholtiMyvatnIC660IC+354 856 1159NoNoNo 
Ness-Nesklubburinn Golf ClubSeltjarnarnesReykjav?kIC170IC561-1930NoNoNo 
Nordurfjordur Golf CourseGraenanesbokkumNeskaupsta?urIC740IC+354 477 1165NoNoNo 
Os Golf CourseVatnahverfiBlonduosiIC540IC+354 452 4980NoNoNo 
Patreksfjördur Golf CourseVesturbyggdPatreksfjordurIC450IC+354 456 1183NoNoNo 
Sandgerdi Golf CourseP. box 88SandgerdiIC245IC+354 423 7820NoNoNo 
Selfoss Golf CourseSvarfhólsvöllurSelfossIC801IC+354 482 3335NoNoNo 
Seydisfjorður Golf CourseHlidarvegur 1SeydisfjordurIC710IC+354 893 6243NoNoNo 
Siglufjordur Golf CourseIthrottamidstodin HollSiglufjordurIC580IC+354 846 2576NoNoNo 
Skagastrond Golf CourseHofdaSkagastorndIC545IC+354 892 4089NoNoNo 
Skorradalur Golf CourseIndridastaðirBorgarbyggdIC311IC+354 690 4229NoNoNo 
Stadarsveit Golf CourseSnaefellsnesvegi 54LangaholtIC356IC+354 893 8328NoNoNo 
Thorisstadir Golf CourseSvinadalAkranesIC301IC+354 433 8975NoNoNo 
Thvera Golf CourseHellisholum – FljotshliðHvolsvelliIC861IC+354 487 8360NoNoNo 
Vatnsleysustornd Golf CourseVatnsleysustrondKalfatjornIC190IC+354 424 6529NoNoNo 
Vestarr Golf CourseGrundargata 69GrundarfjordurIC350IC+364 821 8639NoNoNo 
Vestman Island Golf CourseP. box 168VestmannaeyjarIC900IC+354 481 2363NoNoNo
Vik Golf CourseKlettsvegurVikIC871IC+354 861 2299NoNoNo 

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