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GolfTraxx integrates Voice, Global Positioning, Calculus, Database, and FUN technologies enabling your SmartPhone to be a Golf GPS Range Finder

NEW: GolfTraxx Announces Upcoming Re-Launch of its ANDROID version!

Nearly 14 years after the initial launch of GolfTraxx in 2006 on the PALM TREO 650,
the ANDROID Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone emerges with dual channel GPS (Ll1 and L5)
supporting decimeter precision GPS accuracy similar what we offered on the Garmin Ique...

PLEASE support GolfTraxx and its continuing efforts to remain subscription fee FREE !
Toll-free Hotline
877-354-GOLF My status

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Customer Comments

Thank you so much! I played my best round ever at Kingwood Cove using GolfTraxx on my blackberry...I am an ambassador of your application."

"I am very pleased with what I received. The distances were great on the very first round I played."

"I checked the measurements to the center of the green on several holes from different distances and they were all fantastic! I played from the short grass all day.Thank you!"

"I like the way that GolfTraxx provides distances to reach and carry the additional targets for the hole I am playing!"

"I have been using a PALM for years to capture stats, and would not have believed they could be captured automatically. Thanks for proving me wrong!"

"I was finally able to use the Golftraxx software. It worked great! It was amazing to see the accurate distances especially when I wasn't on the fairway (which is most of the time). It is also pretty cool to see that the course I mapped was accurate and I didn't mess up on the mapping... Thanks for the software. I plan on mapping even more courses (I think I'm up to 6)."

From Australia: "It worked, it worked, it worked!! it all worked!!! I downloaded courses at 3167, I got yardages that agreed with a quick measurement in Google earth based on [each of] the locations...."

"I was able to get the Classic course points into my GPS (Magellen Meridian Color) by using GPS Babel and converting the .kml file to a Mapsend file. Thanks again!"

More Great Feedback from eBay purchasers

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for Total Cost of Ownership

Sky Caddy: $329 + $40/yr for life = over $1,000

iGolf: $199 + $30/yr for life = over $1,000

GolfTraxx: No additional Fees. Ever. Period!

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All entries are also entered in our periodic drawings!
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2006:Just ONE click per Shot

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Buy GolfTraxx Now!
GolfTraxx 3.0 software $29.00
(No CD electronic delivery)

Plus FULL cash rebate for single course submission

Buy GolfTraxx Now!
On Course GPS receiver + Leather Pouch +
GolfTraxx 3.0 software
$99.95 (requires PDA with bluetooth)

Most Downloaded Platform
GolfTraxx has
Global Reach

Accurate distances
anywhere on planet
GolfTraxx Has
Built-In Voice

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Supported Platforms

TREO 650/680/700P            PALM Life Drive

Pocket PC                        Garmin Ique                       

Blackberry                        iPhone 3G                   Beta Available!
8800 Pearl Curve ;                                               Google Android
Bold STORM Tour
EARN cash, FREE GolfTraxx Gear, OR REBATES by Submitting Google Earth Maps!

$8 CASH for each Google Earth kml map we request you to produce (email us that you're interested) OR...
$15 CASH REBATE for each Google Earth kml file submitted within 60 days of you purchase OR submit maps to receive the following:
1 Google Earth kml file = FREE GolfTraxx License (value $29.95)
50 Google Earth kml files = FREE 7 night vacation in Palm Springs (May - Nov) (airfare not included) + GolfTraxx License (value $579.95)
100 Google Earth kml files = FREE 7 night vacation in Palm Springs (Dec - Apr) (airfare not included) + GolfTraxx License (value $929.95)

Learn how to use Google Earth to map your favorite golf courses

NOTE: If you are downloading a more recent version of GolfTraxx, please delete the previous version from your device before HotSynching.
Purchase Options 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Call us today! 877-354-GOLF (4653)
GolfTraxx v. 3.0 for Pocket PC
$29.00 No CD or Manual
Bluetooth wireless GPS receiver
+ Wifi + 2 GB SD card + GolfTraxx 3.0 software bundle
$139.95 (requires PDA with bluetooth)

GolfTraxx 3.0 software for Windows Mobile

No GPS receiver in $29 versionincludes Bluetooth wireless GPS receiver + WiFi+2GB card cardGarmin M3, M4, and M5 Iques include built-in GPS reciever
Add Courses/Tees/HolesAdd Courses/Tees/HolesAdd or Download Courses/Tees/Holes
Add GPS coordinates for Hole LocationsAdd GPS coordinates for Hole LocationsAdd or Download GPS coordinates for Hole Locations
Track Shots (Single Round)Track Shots (Single Round)Track Shots (Multiple Rounds)
Player Scoring (Multi-Round)Player Scoring (Single Round)Player Scoring (Multi-Round)
GPS Distance Calculator GPS Distance CalculatorGPS Distance Calculator
Margin of Error Statistics Margin of Error StatisticsMargin of Error Statistics
Free- Lifetime Maintenance & Support Free- Lifetime Maintenance & Support Free- Lifetime Maintenance & Support
MS Access Synchronization MS Access Synchronization Synchronization with MS Access/Desktop
GolfTraxx 3.0 software for Blackberry $29.00
No CD electronic delivery)

Bluetooth wireless GPS receiver
+ WiFi card + 2GB card
+ GolfTraxx 3.0 software bundle
$139.00 (requires PDA with bluetooth)

On Course GPS receiver
+ GolfTraxx 3.0 software
$99.95 (requires PDA with bluetooth)

GolfTraxx 3.0 for Garmin Ique
No CD electronic delivery)

  GolfTraxx 3.0 software for PALM/TREO only $29
No CD electronic delivery)

Please Notify me of updates
Tom Tom wireless GPS receiver ONLY
$149.95 (requires PDA with bluetooth)

Tom Tom wireless GPS receiver
+ Navigator 5 software

PLUS GolfTraxx 3.0
ONLY $319.95 (requires PDA with bluetooth)