GolfTraxx Customer Comments

   "I am very pleased with what I received. The distances were great on the very first round I played."

   "I checked the measurements to the center of the green on several holes from different distances and they were
   all fantastic! I played from the short grass all day.Thank you!"

   "I like the way that GolfTraxx provides distances to reach and carry the additional targets for the hole I am

   "I have been using a PALM for years to capture stats, and would not have believed they could be captured
   automatically. Thanks for proving me wrong!"

   "I was finally able to use the Golftraxx software. It worked great! It was amazing to see the accurate distances
   especially when I wasn't on the fairway (which is most of the time). It is also pretty cool to see that the course I
   mapped was accurate and I didn't mess up on the mapping... Thanks for the software. I plan on mapping even
   more courses (I think I'm up to 6)."

   From Australia: "It worked, it worked, it worked!! it all worked!!! I downloaded courses at [postal code] 3167, I got
   yardages that agreed with a quick measurement in Google earth based on [each of] the locations...."

   "I was able to get the Classic course points into my GPS (Magellen Meridian Color) by using GPS Babel and
   converting the .kml file to a Mapsend file. Thanks again!"

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   For those of you that remember the VERY start: Talking TREO!

   Sunnnybrook Golf Club...originally a Donald Ross design in 1914 where golftraxx (sponsored by TomTom) made its public demo debut!

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