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  Press Releases 2022

   02/12/2023 Our Super Bowl Ad: Time To Dump The Garbage!!
   09/26/2022 Do you like reading comics? Here's one about the Google Chrome worldwide "Boiling Human Frogs Experiment."
   09/26/2022 Where The Wild Things Are: Tech Monsters Recent Visits By Micro
   09/22/2022 Where The Wild Things Are: Tech Monster Edition 2022
   07/10/2022 LIV Tour looks to expand global reach into the Land Down Under
   07/10/2022 European Union Court Affirms 5 Billion USD Award Against Google For Unlawful Practices
   07/10/2022 LONG overdue legislation regulating tech giants unfair practices makes its way through Congress
   07/06/2022 Google: a chink in the armor...break-up looms large
   07/06/2022 Golftraxx awarded $25K matching grant by SMV Experts!
   06/12/2022 LIV Tour launches inaugural event in London. There's overwhelming confusion about the good, the bad, and the ugly...
   01/11/2022 Blood spills as regulators are delayed by Google tactics in responding to their inquiries

  Press Releases 2021

   11/30/2021 GolfTraxx adds DIRECT fee-free links [NO MIDDLEMAN] to TeeTimes for close to 500 courses in California including SF, LA, San Diego, Palm Springs, Coachella Vaalley, Inland Empire, Las Vegas, with MANY MORE coming soon!
   11/30/2021 GolfTraxx completes site deployment on Git Labs, thereby completing one of the BIG milestones for our fundraising efforts!
   11/25/2021 If you're experiencing ANY errors with the website, PLEASE clear the cache of your browsers on each device. Pages are restored to function as they did up until this weekend.
   11/19/2021 Ohh MY! What a "surprise" (NOT!!) COMCAST subsidiaries GolfNow and TeeOff documented as cheating golf courses. Who ELSE is completely sick of their BS??
   10/27/2021 Google CEO blames cyberattacks on US government- even when launched from their own servers!!
   10/24/2021 A glimpse into the future of televised golf
   10/03/2021 Celebrating the winners in our sport and BARRING the cheaters
   09/28/2021 The video Google NEVER wanted you to see: Android Chrome blocking Goltraxx pages while Firefox displays the EXACT same page without issue or delay. I am using DNS on the device.
   09/27/2021 Bryson's AMAZING 417 yard drive at Ryder Cup! Predicting Shot Distance
   09/16/2021 Press Release- For IMMEDIATE Publication: Off-Shore Google Servers corroborated by as participants in recent Distributed Denial of Service attacks against
   09/11/2021 September 11 salute and UPDATE: wehat happened next after our reports?
   09/01/2021 WTF? How many credible sources do regulators and law enforcement NEED until they take ACTION against corporate criminals?
   09/01/2021 Site visits and site visitors trending up! BUT... so are the hackers...mass attacks this past month... 50 million from from USA, France, Russia, Finland, Brazil, and today from the UK
   09/01/2021 A MUST Read: CNET explains how to better protect your online experience. NOTE to Android users: I use Firefox from my VPN which uses DNS whenever possible!
   08/30/2021 Did you ever notice how sometimes the smallest things make a WORLD of difference?
   08/24/2021 Google removes a half million links to from its search results on August 21, 2021
   08/18/2021 A special salute going out to AIG and the R & A for increasing the purse in thtis year's womens OPEN by 1.3 million dollars and another million next year! The ladies have DESERVED this for a LONG time and call on other tourney sponsors to do the same!
   08/09/2021 Golf In Japan: The extraordinary double greens and Golftraxx
   07/10/2021 A special salute going out to EVERYONE who helped with the restoration of the course and broadcasting of the US Senior Open. An unexpected challenge very well done!
   07/04/2021 The METEORIC Fall fron grace for Google Chrome: from HERO to VILLAIN!
   06/22/2021 Sing along with the old Alan Sherman song Louis XVI set to new Privacy Revolution lyrics
   06/22/2021 A year ago Google SWORE it didnt use those trackers it embedded in its Chrome browser. Today it says it needs two MORE years to remove them..
   06/21/2021 As BILLIONS of dollars in regulatory fines mount from around the world against Google, and Google continues undaunted to operate ILLEGALLY, UNETHICALLY, and against regulators, what in the world are we to do?t
   06/08/2021 A special salute going out to all the grinders across the country who tirelessly chase their dream... Congratulations to all 54 who survived Final US OPEN qualifying to punch their ticket! Good luck at Torrey Pines!
   05/30/2021 A special salute going to Sam Houston State who, despite losing their top player due to COVID protocol, still placed 4th to qualify for nationals AND ALSO for hosting MY college team exactly 40 years ago at the NAIA Nat'l Championship (1981).
   04/26/2021 A special salute going out to Apple for it's new "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS" ad campaign: PLEASE do NOT underestimate the importance of Apple's message to tech giants who DON'T respect your privacy.
   04/26/2021 Uhhhhh...what EXACTLY were we thinking in Louisiana at the TPC?
   04/17/2021 Tokyo: Going for GOLD in 2021!
   03/22/2021 So... when Presidents issue secret orders to the FTC to not prosecute giant tech companies like Google for crimes / antitrust violations, what was the plan to REIMBURSE those who were harmed?
   02/25/2021 A salute going today to the new Uber App plug-in (UBERcheats which is NOT created by Uber) to catch the corporate cheating regarding trip distances still on-going there.
   02/21/2021 Can regulatory reform force tech giants to play fair?
   02/18/2021 A toast to the 16 men of Tain: makers of Glenmorangie, the most popular single malt in the UK, for over 170 years, just perfect after a cold, blustery round of Goff, now sold (in Henry Ford style) in its unbreakable Giraffe shipping container!
   02/18/2021 A special salute to the two individuals without which GPS would not even exist: Einstein and West!
   02/16/2021 PGA of America further embraces technology: range finders approved for major tournament play
   02/09/2021 The IPs associated with attack types presented to regulators from attacks on network
   02/06/2021 Are TROLLS underneath your DNS Bridge to the internet?
   02/04/2021 Hats off salute to Niantic for its ZERO tolerance stand against cheaters! Over 1 million permanent bans since 2020 in Pokemon GO Ingress, Wizards Unite!
   02/04/2021 Hats off salute to Free Fire for its ZERO tolerance stand against cheaters! 1.2 million banned!
   02/04/2021 Hats off salute to Activision for its ZERO tolerance stand against cheaters!
   02/03/2021 Things you should NEVER see from your ISP
   02/02/2021 Our Patrick Reed report: What happened next?
   01/30/2021 A ZERO percent chance these corporations were NOT involved
   01/27/2021 Apple CEO challenges undisclosed data collection acts of Facebook and other Apple competitors
   01/27/2021 Trite Apologies from Google and Sulleyman, even when they're discovered
   01/27/2021 Keywords, Metadata, Course Count, and Share of Voice
   01/25/2021 WHY are we doing this? The WORLD needs to see what criminals have been doing. Data contributed 10-14 years ago is IN TACT in timestamped STATIC files. EVERY course where our database NOW shows different data. EX: Braemer Country Club zip 14559
   01/25/2021 ALL previously released versions of golftraxx are now available for FREE from our Downloads page. .
   01/24/2021 60x Enhancement of your experience on our site (WAY FASTER!!) with Cloudflare DNS
   01/24/2021 SPECIAL ALERT to ALL Android device users!! Implement DoH IMMEDIATELY. Download and install Cloudflare 1.1.l.1 or configure DoH on your Android browser, then draw your OWN conclusions...
   01/23/2021 How does it feel knowing the TRUTH?
   01/23/2021 From the horse's mouth: Duties of ISP related to bot remediation on their hosts or network (authors listed p.29)
   01/18/2021 Summary of complaints filed against Google, COMCAST, Microsoft, Pocket
   01/10/2021 Trump courses removed from 2 MAJOR tour events in US and Great Britain
   01/05/2021 The GREATEST Cheats in the History of Golf

  Press Releases 2020

   12/17/2020 California AG and two other states join US justice department complaint against Google
   11/14/2020 Look who's TALKING again! We've added "spoken" distances TELL ME
   11/05/2020 COMCAST "bot" Discovery
   11/01/2020 VIDEO: HOT of the press. Anti-trust and Google: WHY it's a big deal with the justice department
   10/26/2020 One Tenth of One Percent...Better Days Ahead?
   10/07/2020 Tell Me Again Why Google Maps Are Good Enough For LPGA Star Danielle Kang... but not you?
   09/29/2020 September, 2020 Top Requesting Countries Report
   09/29/2020 Big Corporations, Investigated by Feds & State Authorities, Start Accusing Each Other
   09/29/2020 The Top 10 Things I NEVER Expected 16 Years Ago Starting GolfTraxx in my Garage
   07/22/2020 The GolfTraxx technology pillars that tie it all together.
   07/22/2020 The GolfTraxx Global Reach Report (UPDATE: 105 countries as of Oct 26, 2020)
   05/31/2020 Google caught manipulating search results; creating links to pages with no content.
   05/29/2020 SHARPER IMAGE copying golftraxx products created 14 years ago and claiming as first to market
   05/23/2020 Post COVID-19: A "No Touch" Approach to Reducing Excess Capacity
   05/11/2020 Emerging from COVID-19 with a Plan:Flyovers, RTK, and your digital brochure
   04/30/2020 Q & A with GolfTraxx Founder Frank DeBenedetti re: GolfTraxx News, RTK a Patent, & HTML5 App
   04/20/2020 Video evidence implicating Google AGAIN on 04/20/2020!
   03/05/2020 Google caught in the act AGAIN! (updated 03/08/2020)
   02/25/2020 GolfTraxx Updates Complaint Against Google Filed with FBI, California AG, and ICE (updated 02/25/2020)
   01/14/2020 The Untold Story of EXTRAS: GolfTraxx SURPASSES 2,000 courses WITH EXTRAS
   01/08/2020 Global Reach Extending: GolfTraxx Adds 2,100 courses in Japan
   01/07/2020 From the Land Down Under: GolfTraxx Adds 1,500 courses in Australia

  Press Releases 2019

   12/26/2019 Our FIRST EVER Year-End GolfTraxx Golfiness Report
   11/22/2019 GolfTraxx: Player Scoring, Stats, and Shots Now Viewable in Player Profile Pages
   11/19/2019 GolfTraxx completes Facebook Integration: Players Configure Clubs in their Profile
   11/12/2019 Q & A session with Founder re: GolfTraxx launch of HTML5 scoring, stats, GPS app
   11/10/2019 GolfTraxx launches beta test of HTML5 scoring, stats, and high-precision GPS
   10/17/2019 Business Consumer Alliance closes investigation into Google due to non-response.
   09/24/2019 Business Consumer Alliance opens investigation into Google
   09/23/2019 California AG opens inquiry investigation into companies named in report
   09/20/2019 GolfTraxx Files Complaint Against Google with FBI, California AG, and ICE
   07/29/2019 GolfTraxx Operations Report
   07/10/2019 GolfTraxx Announces Reciprocal Link Program for Golf Courses
   07/10/2019 GolfTraxx Founder Takes a Look Back

  Press Releases 2010

   07/01/2010 GolfTraxx Launches Google ANDROID beta version!
   07/01/2010 GolfTraxx Annouces Countrywide Course Search in ALL platforms
   05/15/2010 GolfTraxx Launches Google Earth Mapping On Website- Over 500 courses added!
   05/10/2010 GolfTraxx Offers Dynamic Google Earth Map Generation for FREE

  Press Releases 2009

   01/22/2009 GolfTraxx Integrates Google Maps Into Website
   01/09/2009 GolfTraxx Announces Support for Blackberry STORM and BOLD

  Press Releases 2008

   10/05/2008 GolfTraxx Announces Availability of Apple iPhone version in iTunes Store
   09/05/2008 GolfTraxx Announces Availability of Apple iPhone version
   01/09/2008 GolfTraxx Announces Support for Blackberry 8800, 8820, 8830, Curve, Pearl

  Press Releases 2007

   11/01/2007 GolfTraxx Featured in CLUB CORP Magazine
   09/27/2007 Visit GolfTraxx At The Northern CA Golf Show
   08/12/2007 GolfTraxx Announces Automatic (Click-Free) Distances and One-Click Per Shot
   07/13/2007 GolfTraxx Launches 3rd Free Gear or Vacation Incentives (your choice)
   07/13/2007 GolfTraxx Announces partnership
   05/16/2007 GolfTraxx Crosses The Ponds and Goes Global
   05/13/2007 GolfTraxx Launches 2nd Free Gear Program
   05/07/2007 Amazon Customer Review
   03/12/2007 GolfTraxx Statistics Database
   03/03/2007 GolfTraxx Selects Your Club
   03/01/2007 OgleEarth Report on GolfTraxx
   01/21/2007 PGA,LPGA,& Champions Tours

  Press Releases 2006

   12/08/2006 Windows Mobile 5 Support
   12/08/2006 FREE Trial Version
   11/30/2006 Garmin Ique M3-M5 & GPS10
   09/20/2006 Unlimited landmarks/hole
   07/12/2006 Google Earth Integration
   06/20/2006 FREE national database
   04/24/2006 GolfTraxx/Voice-It Partnership and Pennsylvania Tourney Sponsors
   04/14/2006 GolfTraxx Offical Launch
   04/14/2006 Voice-It Integration
   04/10/2006 GolfTraxx Announces partnership