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         Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Will My VERIZON Blackberry work with GolfTraxx?
  Yes in some models. (also refer to #10, #11 and #12)
A. Turn on the VZ Navigator program. B. Click on 'maps', then click on 'follow me maps'. (This activates the GPS capability of the VZW Blackberry device)
C. Leaving VZ Navigator running, open the GolfTraxx program and enter the appropriate golf course info.

If you are unable to make this work, you can still use an external bluetooth GPS successfully.

  2. When will GolfTraxx leverage the touch screen features of my Blackberry STORM?
GolfTraxx is currently soliciting bids to port our Blackberry version to a STORM version that will have a similar look & feel to our iPhone version.

  3. What do I need to do to get the Blackberry STORM to display GolfTraxx correctly?
  Disable the compatibility mode to get the display to show up right. Options->Advanced Option->Applications->highlight Golftrax->bb key->Disable compatibility mode.

  4. When will GolfTraxx offer features on Blackberry similar to those available on Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, and Garmin Ique such as automatic club selection, shot by shot scoring, and statistics?
GolfTraxx is currently soliciting bids to add similar features to our Blackberry version so that it will have additional features included in our Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Garmin Ique, and PALM TREO versions. We hope to identify a resource in the next few weeks.

  5. Does GolfTraxx really work on the Blackberry Storm from Verizon? It does not find any courses.
Yes. One of our customers just figured out the issue with the timeout error and the Storm. When you first enter the zip on the BB Storm and then hit the enter key on the keyboard it will put a space behind the zip code. Once you hit the enter key again you can see the communication icon come up in the righthand corner and then you get the error message. Getting rid of the space that goes in after the first time you hit enter fixes the issue. So here's the order of operations: 1) delete existing zip code 2) enter new zip code using virtual keyboard 3) hit the enter key 4) hit backspace key once to remove the space added at the end of the zip code 5) hit the enter key one more time

  6. How do I adjust the connection settings in my curve to allow for connections and interactions.?
Settings(or options) - security options - application permissions (it will build a list) - blackberry "4.2" system software - "click menu option(button to left of scroll ball) - edit permissions - "change connections and interactions to ALLOW"

  7. I still get the 'connection Timed out. Please try later' immediately after I press enter.?
  Check the TCP/IP settings under Options, Advanced, TCP/IP and make sure that the GPRS APN settings are entered including APN, Username and Password.

  8. How do I install GolfTraxx from my Mac?
GolfTraxx can be installed onto a Blackberry by installing onto the Blackberry from within a virtual machine running vista.

  9. My T-Mobile 8820 is not working. I get an uncaught exception error application not responding process terminated whenever I try to submit a zip code
Tmobile just released a new software OS in late April 2009 for the 8820. Installed that latest version and GolfTraxx works now.

  10. Do I have to use Verizon Navigator for GolfTraxx to work on my Verizon STORM?
1) install software via bb desktop manager
2) on bb, go to options - advanced options - applications - golftraxx - edit permissions - allow connections - allow interactions.
3) on bb, go to options - advanced options - GPS - under GPS Services go to "location on" (this turns on the GPS so you might want to turn it off after you use it- it uses up some battery).
4) start the program and enjoy accurate yardages.

Thanks for the great product Frank!

  11. Will My VERIZON Blackberry Curve 8330 still work with GolfTraxx with the new OS v. 4.5?
  No. VZN has made some change in their OS to prevent third party applications from utilizing the internal GPS.

Even though the internal GPS does not work, you can still use an external bluetooth GPS successfully.

  12. VERIZON has just released two new models:
The Blackberry Tour 9630 and the HTC Ozone VX6175. Do these work with GolfTraxx?

  Yes. VZN has opened the GPS in these models to allow third party applications including GolfTraxx to utilize the internal GPS.

  13. Alltel (and Verizon) are not allowing GPS from 3rd party applications. Is there any work around GolfTraxx?
  Yes. There is work around. There is a piece of software called QPST and update the following to your blackberry: PDE IP Address: PDE Port: 8888 PDE Transport: IP Position Calc: Mobile I found all this through this blackberry forum link: http://forums.crackberry.com/f41/real-fix-broken-gps-guide-v1-0-a-192999

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