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         Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I uninstall GolfTraxx from my Android so I can install the latest version?
 Open Android Market on your device. Search for Golftraxx. Click uninstall. After it completes the uninstall , you can reinstall the new version.
1. How do I change my Android power setting so I can preserve battery?
 There is a built in widget that is called 'Power Control', add this widget to the screen.
 This allows quick control over some of the less power friendly items on the phone.
 For best battery usage, I would turn off all except for the Sync (especially if you want to check your email).
 You can change the display brightness between three settings either 0%, 50% or 100%.
 That's good if you like to control your screen brightness.
 If you don't mind the Droid handling that for you, then you can just turn on the automatic control
 that changes with the ambient light around the phone. This is turned on by default
 WiFi may also be turned on and off with this widget
 Your phones ability to Sync may be turned on and off
 Bluetooth may also be turned on and off with this widget
 If you aren't using the phone then make sure that you put it in 'Sleep' mode by simply pressing the power button once.
 This will also keep you from accidentally pressing any buttons.
 Change the length of time that it takes your phone to turn off the display.
 Do this by pressing Menu > Settings > Sound and Display > Screen Timeout
 The fewer active apps that you are running, the better for your battery.
 You can force close applications by downloading a task Manager such as TasKiller, Tasks, Task Killer or Advanced Task Manager.
 One thing that you can do with most other Android phones is to make your phone only connect to 2G networks.
 3G is a power hog, so unless you really need to use it for surfing or downloading something, then 2G should be more than enough.
 Of course the best power saver is staying off your phone... and THAT is the BEST that you can do, ESPECIALLY while golfing.
 Now if you want to cheat a little bit then....buy a Big Bertha Battery!
 Now, if you still want to do EVERYTHING with your phone, then you may just want to get yourself a new battery.
 Seidio makes special batteries just for that. You can get a 2600mAh battery from Amazon for $53.50 plus shipping.
 This will double your battery life! The only draw back to this battery is that you will also be adding 0.9 cm thickness to the phone.
 If you don't mind a slight extra bulk to the phone, then no worries!
 The $53.50 does include a new back piece for the Droid though, featuring Seidio's custom soft touch backing. You can buy the battery at Amazon.
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